Warehousing Labeling Solutions

Always Ahead of the Pack

Pick, Pack & Ship Solutions

Since 1946, Chicago Tag & Label has helped our customers in the warehouse and distribution industry to streamline the shipping process, increase efficiency and reduce costs. We meet even the most challenging needs of these businesses by supplying a wide range of high-quality, custom labels, forms and tags - and we do it with unparalleled design capabilities, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

We manufacture all the products you need throughout the supply chain management process. Our labels and forms help you to properly:

  • Identify inventory
  • Pick the correct products
  • Label or tag products as required
  • Mark and label containers or pallets
  • Prepare invoices and packing lists
  • Print shipping labels
  • Inspect orders to ensure accuracy
  • Pack boxes for shipment
  • Insert packing lists and invoices
  • Attach shipping labels efficiently

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