School Asset Labels

Education tags and labels to help you manage school equipment and supplies.


All schools rely on a variety of supplies and equipment to keep their operations running — from assets and audio/visual devices to all kinds of classroom items. That's why, from preschools to universities, you need tools to help you track and protect these products.

Tags and asset labels for schools are vital resources for managing the various items at your institution. Use them to track supplies in classrooms, computer labs, science labs, cafeterias or administrative offices. Manage inventory in a way that's more streamlined and cost-effective. Know where your products are and how to find them any time! Record keeping becomes much easier with the right labels and asset tags for schools.

At Chicago Tag & Label, we offer a large assortment of school asset labels, tags and forms for education that are designed to improve your operations. From retail tags to labels for education, all of our products are made in the USA, competitively priced and catered to your needs.

Suggested School Products

  • Barcode labels: Our high-quality, state-of-the-art barcode labels can be printed in variable imaging or sequentially numbered to your specifications. Use them to manage inventory of books, curriculum, equipment and more
  • Retail tags (for college bookstores):
  • Integrated forms: Made to streamline the printing process by consolidating multiple tasks, each integrated education form can be preprinted with your institution’s branding/logo, special messages or instructions, etc., to add efficiency to your school’s systems.
  • Integrated labels: Available in standard and custom sizes, able to print on laser or inkjet printers, our integrated labels can increase labor efficiency and may save costs in your inventory systems.
  • Mobile roll labels: We can create blank labels or labels printed with your school’s branding or logo, able to use in mobile printers anywhere you go.
  • Pattern adhesive labels: Perfect for use with laser printers, our pattern adhesive labels prevent adhesive from getting to the edges of labels. They can help make your staff more efficient when packing, shipping or labeling items.
  • Reinforced tags: Sturdy enough to stand up to even the most destructive environments, our custom reinforced tags give you a way to mark products without worries of tearing or degeneration of any kind.
  • Packing Slips: We create both auto-applied and manually applied packing slips to improve your operations. Whenever you need to send educational resources or package orders for customers, these products make it easier.

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