Quality Control

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We know the importance of quality and consistency for our custom products, and our Quality Control team continually strives to provide the highest-quality products. From raw materials to a finished application, our team assures unmatched quality. Our testing procedures and equipment simulate the environment in which your custom product will be used, ensuring that your products perform as they should. We have a fully equipped testing lab with state-of-the-art equipment in which we execute standardized and customized testing per your product specifications and environment.

Our rigorous and personalized testing methods ensure that you are 100 percent confident in your finished product. We analyze numerous aspects to confirm that your products are manufactured to your exact qualifications, including:

  • Release rates
  • Mil thickness
  • Paper/bond properties
  • Simulated environments
  • Application testing
  • Moisture application and control systems
  • 100 percent in-line, real-time barcode verification system
  • Climate- and humidity-controlled press room

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