Enclosed Packing Lists

Custom Solutions for Your Operations

MultiPlex™ Enclosed Packing Lists help speed the movement of products through your labeling process. Whether you are labeling open or closed boxes, hand- or auto-applying the packing list labels, or need a return shipping label or gift message, we have multiple print-and-apply enclosed packing list solutions to meet your needs.

Chicago Tag and Labels hand-applied MultiPlex™ enclosed packing list labels are printed and applied in three fast and easy steps. Our auto-applied packing lists are applied in a one-step application with one label applicator for accurate and reliable alignment of the shipping label and concealed packing list. Static printing on these packing list labels is available in various locations to further promote your company branding. We provide these with the use of a 4” x 6” thermal label printer or other sizes.

Replace Packing Slip Pouches for Good

With the use of these solutions, you can eliminate the need for clear packing list envelopes or packing slip pouches. Upgrading to these self-adhesive labels means you can save time, money and resources. Eliminate the added expense of plastic label pouches when you choose this product. With their fast application and versatility, these labels are an all-in-one solution that speeds up your processes and offers a more convenient answer to your labeling needs. You can count on receiving the same high level of quality from these that you get from everything we produce, meaning you can choose with confidence. When compared to other types of packing slips, our shipping labels in 4”x 6” and other sizes meet all your needs.

Our Multiplex™ Enclosed Packing Lists are just one of the many innovative and creative solutions that have earned us a reputation for quality. Since 1946, we have been solving our customers’ needs with exceptional service and competitive pricing. These enclosed packing list solutions, like everything else we make, are made entirely here in the United States. We specialize in developing customized printed products to meet your requirements no matter what they are.

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