Inventory Control Labels

Manage your merchandise & speed up order processing.


For businesses to keep up with today’s supply chain demands, they need to have efficient and optimized processes. Additionally, visibility and accuracy are vital for asset management, as they help limit bottlenecks throughout your operations. Improving your internal operations with inventory tracking tags is crucial for managing assets, avoiding lost inventory, tracking stock levels and boosting overall accuracy.

When it comes to retail labeling solutions, Chicago Tag & Label caters to all aspects of the supply chain. These printed solutions simplify the way you stock merchandise, expedite order processing, improve the shipping process and make it easier to catalog and manage the products you sell. Our inventory control labels are especially helpful for warehousing & distribution, providing the organization and efficiency necessary for successful operations.

Chicago Tag & Label specializes in creating only the highest-quality retail inventory management labels and tags. By choosing these custom-made products for your business, you will gain control over your inventory and minimize product losses. Since your custom inventory labels are customized with your logo and name, they reinforce your branding to everyone who sees them.

The retail inventory tags, labels and forms printed at Chicago Tag & Label are made in the United States, at our manufacturing facility. They’re also priced competitively to help keep your operations cost-effective. Contact us anytime to learn more about our customized solutions. Shop our website or reach out to learn more.


  • Barcode labels: Thanks to their versatility and affordability, barcodes are usually the easiest and most efficient method for automating retail inventory control. They also provide a number of benefits. Using barcodes in your operations can eliminate the possibility of human error, streamline order processing and boost data accuracy. Chicago Tag & Label can customize and print barcodes for your business so you can better track products, shipments, equipment and more.
  • Enclosed packing lists: Expedite company production with Chicago Tag & Label. Our MultiPlex™ products can be printed and applied in just three steps, while our auto-applied lists provide single-step application. Either option offers a clear way to communicate package contents to customers.
  • Forms and form labels: When it comes to shipping orders, forms are vital. They save time, eliminate matching errors, reduce processing costs and facilitate workflow. Let us preprint forms with your core information so all you need to do is add your customers’ variable data.
  • Retail hang tags: Simplify store operations with custom inventory tags that catalog products with scannable ID numbers. We can produce a minimum order of 20,000 inventory tracking tags, available in custom sizes and multiple shapes.


For more than 70 years, Chicago Tag & Label has been providing the best in creative print solutions. Choosing us means choosing the industry’s established leader, an American manufacturer with custom-made, top-quality, competitively priced products.

Get the inventory control labels you need to better manage your inventory and operations. On top of that, you can count on us to provide short lead times, exceptional customer service and a positive experience — beginning to end. Ready to learn more? Reach out to request a quote on your project!

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