Cure Your Patient Identification Woes

Trusted Manufacturer of Healthcare Products

The AdCura® healthcare product line consists of essential patient care products, quality labels and label-form applications for the healthcare industry. Our patented ID band design provides superior comfort for the patient, easy application for the staff, and the tested durability you expect in a hospital environment. Patient identification is critical to creating an error-free work environment, and our products offer you the means to achieve this goal.

Hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities rely on Chicago Tag & Label for customized, laser-printable healthcare products that are compatible with their software layouts. All our AdCura® products can be custom branded to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Our products provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Greater accuracy due to better patient identification
  • Convenient printing of chart labels and wristbands on one form
  • High-performance durable labels and bands
  • Simple-to-apply bands, making admissions easy and quick
  • Easy-to-read and color-coded bands to alert staff to patients’ special needs
  • Multiple formats to meet your specific needs
  • Adult, pediatric and infant sizes

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