E-commerce Shipping Labels

Fulfilling Your Need for Quality E-Commerce Shipping Labels and Forms

Marketing Through Labels And Forms

Chicago Tag & Label has a long history of helping our e-commerce/fulfillment customers streamline their inventory and shipping processes. We manufacture the highest-quality, custom integrated form-label combinations, enclosed packing lists, and shipping and return labels.

Order E-commerce Labels

Our e-commerce shipping labels and forms are custom-made to meet your needs. Plus, we can print your logo, company information, special offers or whatever else you wish to display on your products.

That means every time your customers receive a package from your company, you have an opportunity to communicate your branding, build loyalty and boost the chance that they’ll purchase from you again.

Customization allows you to:

  • Communicate your marketing message
  • Provide coupons or other buying incentives
  • Connect customers to your social media sites
  • Recommend related products based on past purchases
  • Cross-sell with sister companies
  • Facilitate product returns


Proper labels and tags for e-commerce are crucial. You need them for marketing and to reinforce your branding. They also are vital for order accuracy. When you need to make sure you have the correct items in the correct containers, custom e-commerce shipping labels are the key. They spell out what is being shipped and also can provide tracking capabilities and delivery instructions, so you can ensure items are sent where they need to go. Because of their ability to streamline and add accuracy to your processes, these labels are an important component of building a stronger business. With the right warehouse labels, you improve your workflow/process, create a better experience for customers and save money through greater efficiency.


As an established leader in the custom form and label industry, Chicago Tag & Label is pleased to offer the best tags for e-commerce that you can find anywhere. Backed by more than 75 years in business, we’re the American manufacturer that specializes in creative print solutions. Not only are our products custom-made and of the highest quality, but they’re also competitively priced to save you money. We boast short lead times, so you’ll get your order quickly. And our customer service team is dedicated to your satisfaction, from order to delivery. When you’re ready to learn more about working with us on a project, reach out anytime for a quote!

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