Custom Shipping Labels

Get Packages to Where They're Going
Chicago Tag and Label shipping labels
Chicago Tag and Label shipping labels

Shipping Label Benefits

Our shipping labels are used in warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants in the shipping, LTL, and transportation industries. Every business that moves products or packages benefits from the efficiency and convenience provided by attaching a shipping label to their shipments. Shipping labels facilitate the smooth, efficient movement of packages through the supply chain by:
  • Eliminating unnecessary steps and manpower
  • Increasing accuracy and reducing user error
  • Simplifying and speeding up the shipping process
  • Avoiding delays and improving logistics
Custom Shipping Labels and Logistics

Custom-designed shipping labels communicate the key information needed in logistics. Labels inform every part of the supply chain about where a specific item comes from and where it is going. The label also provides information about the sender and recipient including preprinted barcodes and variable numbering. Shipping labels can also be manufactured as books, pads, or sheets.

  • Chicago Tag and Label shipping labels
  • Chicago Tag and Label shipping labels
Chicago Tag & Label Capabilities

Whether you want shipping labels that are laser or inkjet printable, preprinted or custom printed, or compatible with your software format and corporate branding, count on the professionals at our shipping label company for the widest variety, quickest turnaround and most competitive pricing.

We specialize in manufacturing integrated form labels that combine your shipping label with a packing list, merging multiple tasks into one simplified process. The form label eliminates duplicate printing functions, redundant work processes, and matching errors. For more information about our form-label combinations, please click here.

Based on your individual specifications, we can print custom labels with barcodes and consecutive numbering to expedite the way you process and transport shipments, improving business efficiency and profits. We also manufacture extreme-temperature and thermal transfer labels to suit applications in harsh environments.

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What size custom shipping labels are available?

Our shipping label stickers can be custom-made for your business. We have a variety of sizes available, including rectangle, circle, and square shapes. Simply choose your preferred size when ordering.

Who can benefit from these labels?

A variety of businesses and industries can benefit from our custom labels, from medical to manufacturing and everything in between. They can help you get your products through the supply chain. As a shipping label company, we strive to provide products that our tailored to your needs. When you choose Chicago Tag & Label, you'll receive exceptional customer service and a quick turnaround.