Shipping Label and Packing List on a Single Sheet


What’s great about form labels is how effectively they combine shipping and packing information into a single design. This means more efficiency for your business and fewer matching errors. By combining a laser sheet with liner and glue to create a die-cut label, we’re able to offer a shipping label form that’s essentially an all-in-one solution for shipping your products. It eliminates redundancies. It streamlines your processes. It increases order accuracy.

This means that with a form for a label, you no longer need to manually match the form and label together. This reduces the amount of supplies required and decreases the potential for error. Simply print, label and ship!

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Custom Form Label Combinations

Chicago Tag & Label custom manufactures label forms for our clients. This allows us to specifically fit your particular software layout print drop, company logo and desired copy all onto your product. We also can feature your unique branding and address your adhesive application requirements. This transforms your custom label forms into tools that improve your operations while also amplifying your business branding.


Many sectors can benefit from the improvements to operations that result from our custom label form combination. Here are a few examples:

  • In the e-commerce/fulfillment industry, the form label facilitates a more effective shipping process for orders. It simplifies quality control for your team and increases order accuracy.
  • In warehouse distribution, the label and form combination can streamline packing and shipping. Information is more readily available for workers to identify what’s on a pallet. It’s also easier to keep similar types of products in the same general area, as they're labeled correctly.
  • In retail, where service is paramount, form combination products can improve how clients get orders out to customers. You can combine packing lists with invoices, shipping and/or return labels and more, making returns easier.

The bottom line is, the custom label form combination is the solution for any situation where you want to make labeling more efficient and convenient.

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