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Track and identify supplies, equipment and property with our custom military and government tags.

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Anyone who’s served in America’s military or government agencies knows how necessary proper labeling is to effective operations. If you’re going to get weapons to the right personnel and supplies to the appropriate agencies, for example, you need proper government or military tags. Likewise, certain federal regulations dictate what is and isn’t allowable on packaging and communications, so this impacts what labels and tags you are able to use.

Custom military tags are required to be non-fraying, shrink-resistant and resilient against the elements — you need products that comply. For all these situations, Chicago Tag & Label is at your service.

Recognized as a leader in innovative printing, Chicago Tag & Label has been creating the best in labels, form labels and tags for more than 70 years. Our company specializes in custom printing — whether that’s creating government shipping labels or product order forms. Trust us to give you a diverse array of products, as well as creative print solutions catered to your needs.

Creating all our products within the United States, we’re honored to provide the high-quality custom military labels and government labels you need.

Suggested Military and Government Products

At Chicago Tag & Label, our products find application in a variety of military settings, from shipping to storage.

  • Shipping labels: Whether you’re sending vital ammunition or fresh uniforms, proper labeling is essential. Likewise, the military will dictate that your labels adhere to specific guidelines — guidelines that Chicago Tag & Label understands.
  • Packing slips: We can also create auto-applied or manually applied packing slips to add efficiency to your transportable goods. Whether you’re sending supplies to soldiers or package orders to customers, these printed products help.
  • Custom tags: There are many ways to use our custom army tags. Track supplies and the belongings of your personnel on the move. Use military equipment labels to mark gear or vehicles for repair when it’s needed. Made to identify property clearly and efficiently, our tags can serve whatever military or government application you need.
  • Reinforced tags: We also have reinforced tags, sturdy enough to hold up to even the most destructive environments. When you’re sending items to hazardous areas or harsh conditions, these tags can ensure information stays legible and safe.
  • Forms: Whether you’re ordering supplies or tracking inventory, forms are crucial. Chicago Tag & Label understands the complex needs of military standards and can create the custom forms for military use that serve you, all while complying with vital requirements and regulations.

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