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Custom Medical Labels to Meet Your Needs

In the healthcare sector, the importance of high-quality medical labels cannot be overstated. These labels serve as vehicles for conveying vital information to medical professionals and patients alike. From medication dosage instructions to allergy alerts, the accuracy and clarity of hospital labels can make a significant difference in patient outcomes. Our products address these pressing needs with precision and efficacy, offering three primary benefits. They get noticed, can be customized and simplify patient identification.

Color-coded alert bands serve as efficient tools for promptly notifying caregivers about patients' specific needs and conditions with just a glance. These bands boast eye-catching designs, ensuring easy recognition. Wristbands reduce the potential for errors to ensure patients receive the level of care and attention they require.

Benefits of color-coded bracelets:

  • The absence of a snap mechanism makes them easy to apply
  • Enhanced patient safety is achieved through prominently visible colors and text
  • They’re available in numerous color variations, each featuring distinct warnings

Our chart labels are available in a range of sizes and die-cut shapes, tailored to seamlessly integrate into your software layout. Crafted with healthcare label printer compatibility in mind, these custom medical labels are constructed from durable materials and can be purchased with or without punched holes. They’re conveniently packaged in boxes of 1,000 sheets. Our medical label stickers optimize workflow efficiencies for healthcare professionals, allowing them to devote their full attention to patient care.

Benefits of chart labels:

  • Completely customizable
  • Compatible with most common software layouts
  • Laser printable

Easy Identification
Chart label wristbands expedite patient identification processes, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the risk of patient misidentification. Engineered for seamless compatibility with laser printers, these medical ID wristbands withstand exposure to water or alcohol without compromising integrity. Their innovative no-overlay design simplifies barcode scanning, while their flexibility ensures effortless application.

Benefits of chart label wristbands:

  • Nursing staff can apply and remove them in less than 10 seconds
  • Tamper-resistant closure for security
  • Made from soft, comfortable materials that remain durable for hospital use

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The Benefits of AdCura® Healthcare Products

Chicago Tag & Label proudly manufactures the AdCura® healthcare product line, offering essential solutions, custom medical labels and label-form applications designed for the medical industry.

Our patented ID band design prioritizes patient comfort, simplifies application for healthcare staff and upholds the rigorous durability standards demanded by hospital environments. Chart labels and wristbands can be efficiently laser-printed on a single form for optimal convenience. Available in diverse sizes and formats, our products cater to the specific requirements of hospitals and clinics.

Accurate identification is paramount in maintaining error-free work environments. Healthcare providers can ensure patient safety and mitigate errors with our durable and user-friendly solutions. The likelihood of any unfortunate mix-ups is significantly reduced when each patient admitted is distinctly identified.

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Chicago Tag & Label stands unrivaled in the realm of custom health label printing. With more than 70 years of experience, we specialize in addressing our customers' needs with a range of quality products. We’re committed to delivering top-tier service and innovative print solutions.

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AdCura® Patient ID Laser Wristbands

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