Medical Chart Labels

Help Eliminate Errors with AdCura® Chart Labels
Chicago Tag and Label hospital patient chart labels
Chicago Tag and Label hospital patient chart labels

Laser Chart Labels Made for Your Unique Needs

Professional medical chart labels are crucial for an error-free work environment. At Chicago Tag & Label, our AdCura™ chart labels are 100 percent customizable and available in multiple sizes and die-cut shapes to perfectly match your software layout. AdCura™ patient chart labels are laser printer compatible, packaged with 1,000 sheets per box, and available with or without punched holes.

Medical alert stickers for charts can be used to convey crucial information, from indicating a patient’s fall risk to medical record chart labels that list allergies or DNR orders. It is vital to clearly communicate to all members of a care team, and the right laser chart labels can help you do it. In some cases, proper labeling could mean the difference between a major medical error and saving a person’s life.

Whether you want a better way to mark charts, share medical orders or alert caretakers that special assistance is required, the AdCura™ line is the answer. Use our products to efficiently communicate essential information to all relevant doctors, nurses and staff.

Benefits of the AdCura® Chart Label Line

Our medical chart stickers offer the following benefits:

  • Laser printable
  • Made from durable materials
  • Customizable to your requirements
  • Available in many sizes and shapes
  • Compatible with common software layouts
  • Manufactured with clean-edge technology to prevent adhesive oozing in laser printers

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  • Chicago Tag and Label healthcare chart labels
  • Chicago Tag and Label healthcare chart labels