Color Coded Alert Bands

Custom Medical Alert Bands Reduce Errors

A Colorful Heads Up to Caregivers

Color-coded medical alert bands are meant to be noticed, and our custom medical wristbands from AdCura™ are bright and easily recognizable. Available in eight adult-size (5/8" x 11") bands per sheet, these polyester ID bands come in full-color or striped designs and can be printed with multiple font sizes. Rest assured that our medical wristbands meet all national standards for readable text size and color.

Benefits of AdCura™ Color-Coded Bands

Our medical alert wristbands improve patient safety by alerting caregivers about their patients' special needs. They offer the following features and benefits:

  • No snap means they are simple to apply
  • Highly visible colors and text improve patient safety
  • Multiple color versions printed with various warnings are available
  • State standards for color-coding are met
  • Customization is available to match your specific requirements
Common Color-Coded Bracelets

Many states and healthcare systems have adopted this set of common color-coded standards:

  • Fall Risk (yellow)
  • Allergy (red)
  • Latex Allery (green)
  • DNR (purple)
  • Restricted Extremity (pink)

Each color-coded band lets the staff know at a glance that the patient has special needs. The caregiver knows immediately how to treat a patient wearing one of these bands, which decreases the risk of serious error.

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