Integrated Laser Sheets

Integrated Laser Label Sheets to Fit Your Needs
Chicago Tag and Label integrated laser sheet
Chicago Tag and Label integrated laser sheet

Creating Custom Integrated Laser Sheets

Chicago Tag & Label offers multiple options for integrated laser label sheets. We help companies create the laser label sheets that fit their unique needs for pick, pack and shipping products. Combining the shipping label and packing list onto one sheet saves time and eliminates matching errors. We use only top-grade materials in manufacturing, and our integrated laser labels are compatible with laser printers and customized to your software layout.

Benefits of Integrated Laser Sheets

The products used when printing laser labels make a big difference in quality. Our custom laser label sheets provide the following benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • High-quality output
  • Adhesives able to withstand a range of temperatures and laser printer conditions
  • Clean-edge technology prevents adhesive oozing
  • Compatible with most laser printers
  • Manufactured to fit your exact software print layout
  • Good response to various speeds in laser printing
  • Clean and clear ink retention
  • Sheets lay flat

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