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Chicago Tag and Label barcode labels
Chicago Tag and Label barcode labels


From variable imaging barcode labels to sequentially numbered barcodes, Chicago Tag & Label has the capabilities to create specific barcode symbology to meet your exact requirements. Rather than cookie-cutter solutions, we provide custom barcode labels that are unique to you and your business, made for your particular product line. Our in-line, real-time verification system ensures that every barcode tag and label used for your inventory meets ANSI specifications. Plus, our state-of-the-art technology produces high-quality products with expedited turnaround times, helping to make your operations leaner and more efficient.

We work with you to provide the best print barcode labels in a range of materials and formats. Your resulting designs — whether inventory labels or retail barcodes — give you convenient tools to classify products, communicate information, expedite business process and more. Our team creates labels to meet your every need, whether it's static or variable, ladder or picket, variable font sizes or verification of custom-checked digits.

Barcode Label Applications

Chicago Tag & Label is the barcode solutions manufacturer that serves clients in a broad range of markets, from retail to industrial, creating solutions that help improve businesses operations. Our barcode labels are useful in a wide range of applications, too — from inventory tracking to industrial equipment labeling. Whether you're looking for a better way to keep track of your product inventory, a tool to maximize production runs, a solution for organizing products or a way to label all the items you sell, our high-quality barcode label solutions are the answer. Talk to our team about your specific needs and we’ll be glad to design a product tailored to them.

Depending on the application, product barcode labels can be designed with enhanced features for performance and durability. We also carry heat-resistant, waterproof and hazard-resistant options for your business as well as QR code labels. In fact, our team can work with you to design, shape and style the labels you desire. We can even customize them with your colors, logo and specific branding.

  • Chicago Tag and Label barcode labels
  • Chicago Tag and Label barcode labels

Whether you need barcode labels for inventory or tags for another project, Chicago Tag & Label is the provider you can trust for the best and most innovative solutions. Backed by over 70 years in the industry, we’re renowned as a specialist in custom printing. Our clients come to us for the industry’s best American-made products, offered at competitive prices and accompanied by exceptional service. When you work with us, we guarantee that we’ll manufacture your order in complete compliance with your request. In fact, we’re so sure we’ll meet your specifications that we will fully replace any products that don’t.

Using our barcode labeling solutions will not only enhance your operations, but it can also improve accuracy of orders and common processes by eliminating human error. Moreover, custom barcoding provides you with an automated, streamlined and error-resistant means of tracking and managing materials.

When you want creative solutions for high-quality barcode stickers and other printed products, trust our team to get you the best in the business! Contact us to get a quote on your label project or to request a sample kit of the many products we offer.

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