Industrial Barcode Labels

Solutions to Help You Organize, Track and Manage Your Equipment and Products

When you want a better way to track inventory throughout your company, Chicago Tag & Label has the capabilities to create exactly the industrial barcodes you need. We use a real-time verification system to make sure every barcode label is up to the strict compliance standards that apply in your industry. Whether you’re in need of UPC labels, UDI labels, or any other 2-D barcodes, we can provide the solutions you require. Thanks to a long history of producing all types of industrial equipment barcodes, we know how to overcome the various challenges involved with creating industrial barcode labels that meet regulations and are able to withstand hazardous conditions. From metal barcode tags to pallet labels, trust us to create the perfect printed products for your industrial needs.


The value of industrial barcodes is that they help you identify and label systems and products in your business. Whether you’re looking to monitor corporate assets, track product inventories or ensure that items adhere to strict compliance codes, industrial equipment labels can help. Here are a few of the key benefits they offer:

  • An efficient way to track inventory
  • A tool for displaying pricing and other information
  • Completely customizable to your brand
  • Durability to withstand the conditions of an industrial setting
  • Resistant to chemicals and abrasions
  • Compliant with any applicable standards in your industry

Our industrial equipment barcodes can communicate serial numbers, manufacturing dates, industry-specific information and/or government-required data as needed. Whatever your business’s requirements, talk to us about creating the custom industrial barcode labels that will work for you.


Backed by more than 70 years in business, Chicago Tag & Label is a leading provider of innovative print solutions and your best resource for industrial barcode products of all kinds. For industrial barcodes as well as many other types of forms, labels and tags, we provide creative, competitively priced, exceptional designs. All our barcode labels for equipment are American-made, high-quality products, and we can customize them to your specific application and brand. More than that, we offer superior service from beginning to end. Our team is committed to helping businesses grow through the best and most efficient printed products. When you want optimal made-to-order solutions that can improve your labeling process, come to us. We can ship to any location in the U.S.

Reach out to us anytime to discuss your specific industrial barcode label needs and let us create a solution that will work for you.

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