Pallet Labels

Make Moving and Stacking More Efficient
Chicago Tag and Label pallet labels
Chicago Tag and Label pallet labels

Labels as Tough as Pallets

We all know that pallets take a beating during production and shipping. That's why you need labels from Chicago Tag & Label. Our pallet rack labels stand up to the rigors of moving and stacking in even the busiest warehouse environment.

Our high-quality, durable pallet labels help improve operations in the freight, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and logistics industries.

Pallet Label Benefits

Pallet labeling makes a huge difference in terms of efficiency - and the higher the quality, the greater the improvement.

The benefits of pallet labels include:

  • Simplified sorting allows employees to move products quickly and easily
  • Quick identification makes locating products when you need them easier
  • Crucial information - including load contents, shipping instructions, barcodes and dates - is always at the ready
  • Safety is ensured because material handlers can plainly see vital facts
  • Chicago Tag and Label pallet labels
  • Chicago Tag and Label pallet labels
Chicago Tag & Label Capabilities

At Chicago Tag, we create high-quality pallet labeling solutions that are as informative as you need them to be - and that depends on your business's unique needs.

Chicago Tag & Label's custom pallet labels are made from various materials and adhesives designed to survive harsh indoor and outdoor elements, and can be customized with sequential or static barcodes, your graphics and handling instructions.

Every one of our pallet rack label products is custom manufactured so you can use the labels to clearly mark products and track inventory within your specific operation and shipping processes.

Adhesive Labels

No matter what surface you need to stick your labels to (including cardboard, stretch wrap or the wooden pallet), we customize the adhesive to meet the requirements of your exact application.

Select a blank or preprinted format in your choice of PMS color, size, material, adhesive and finishing. From paper to durable synthetic stocks to rolled, sheeted or fan-folded formats, we do it all!

Create Your Custom Pallet Labels With Chicago Tag & Label

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