Pattern Adhesive Labels

Perfect for Use with Laser Printers

Self-Adhesive Pattern Labels

For this type of custom adhesive labels, the silicone adhesive is applied in a pattern, cut short from covering the entire surface. This keeps the adhesive away from the edges of the label, eliminating adhesive seepage problems and facilitating feeding through high-speed laser printers.

Pattern Adhesive Label Applications

Our custom pattern adhesive labels are utilized in various facilities, including manufacturing sites, distribution centers, retail stores, medical buildings and mail order houses. Pattern adhesive labels help employees to be more efficient when performing picking, packing, shipping, inventory, invoicing and other labeling tasks.

Chicago Tag & Label Capabilities

Our extra-strong adhesive for labels can be applied to virtually any label size or design. When you work with us, you choose your format (continuous or cut sheet), adhesive configuration (pattern or striped), and black or color printing - to meet the unique needs of your application.

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