Reinforced Tags

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Chicago Tag and Label reinforced tag label
Chicago Tag and Label reinforced tag label

Custom Reinforced Tags

Chicago Tag & Label's custom reinforced tags are durable tags, highly resistant to tearing due to our innovative and patented reinforced design. This breakthrough in production and technology resulted in our superior Hang Tuff Tags that offer extraordinary strength - no matter how potentially damaging the environmental conditions may be. No tearing. No ripping. No degeneration.

The holes in our tear resistant tags are reinforced with durable fiber patches to ensure that the tags do not separate from the items to which they are attached. After testing, we found that our patented reinforced technology surpasses the performance of metal eyelets under both wet and dry conditions. These tags with reinforced holes are tear resistant compared to metal eyelet tags. Isn't it time to switch from an outmoded technology to a new and improved product? Our state-of-the-art reinforced tags can be customized with your logo and/or other company information. Sorry, we do not manufacture metal eyelet tags.

Rebar Tags

Our reinforced tags are durable enough and legible enough to be used in rebar, even in challenging shop and field conditions. Rebar tags are compatible with aSa software (the world's leading provider of software for the reinforcing steel industry) and industry-standard printers. As a direct manufacturer of custom rebar tags, reinforced labels and tear resistant labels, Chicago Tag & Label offers a wide variety of durable materials and harsh-environment tags to our rebar customers.

Rebar tags are available in various materials and sizes, and they can be customized with your company logo, colors and information, variable or static images, and barcodes. We can also further reinforce them for extra strength and durability.

  • Chicago Tag and Label reinforced tag
  • Chicago Tag and Label reinforced tag
The Benefits of Our Construction Tags

Our equipment tags offer numerous benefits for your processes. These include identifying equipment, keeping track of numbers and inventory, and increasing speed/efficiency of on-site operations. They also work great if you need labels for pallets. Rest assured, these tags can stand up to the harshest applications across a variety of industries as well as the stresses of transportation and shipping. They are made from high-quality materials and sold at a competitive price.

At Chicago Tag & Label, we take pride in our craftsmanship and stand behind our products. With 70-plus years in the industry, our expertise in tag creation is unmatched. View additional custom tags here, or reach out to us anytime to get a quote.

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