4 Ways Using Label Sheets Will Benefit Your Business

January 31, 2019

Companies often look to advanced technology when seeking supply chain improvements. They may implement automation, sophisticated software platforms or devices such as RFID chips. Although these all can have a demonstrable positive impact on the performance of any logistics operation, high-tech isn’t the only way to go.

In fact, integrated labels may be the secret weapon your business needs to become better at fulfillment and shipping. With nothing more than paper, ink and adhesive, you can see tremendous benefits while your competitors break the bank with technology.

What Are Integrated Labels?

These label sheets incorporate one or more printed elements that can be peeled off and stuck to cartons or crates. They can be included on the same sheet as an invoice or order form. This allows them to serve multiple purposes and consolidate various documents on a single page. They can be customized in numerous ways, including specialty sizes and preprinted forms.

These serve many functions across a variety of industries, including e-commerce, fulfillment, retail distribution and healthcare. They can be used as invoices, packing slips, tracking documents and shipping labels, among other uses.

How Do They Help?

With integrated labels, management of orders becomes easier and more efficient for a number of reasons. Here are some ways in which they can streamline your operations.

  • Reducing processing time — Because they feature one or more labels on the same page, they make it easier for employees to find the information and resources they need. For example, combining invoices and shipping materials means staff can check an order quickly and immediately apply the barcode needed to get the shipment out the door.
  • Improving order accuracy - In multichannel order management, keeping as much information as possible on the same sheet is critical for ensuring that orders are filled as accurately as possible. When team members don’t need to flip back and forth on multiple pages to find details they need, there’s a much smaller chance of mistakes.
  • Boosting efficiency — When shipments go out in less time and with fewer errors, the net effect is enhanced efficiency across the board. A business utilizing anything and everything that gives it an advantage, no matter how small, has a significant edge over its competitors.
  • Saving money — Cost control is one of the biggest reasons companies seek more efficient processes. Integrated labels help prevent customer returns, costly mistakes and wasted time. All of these add up to significant savings over the long run.

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