Multiplex™ Enclosed Packing List Solutions Delivers Accuracy and Efficiency for a Fortune 500 Retailer in a Time of Crisis

April 17, 2023

A North American supply chain solutions company was contacted by a Fortune 500 internet retailer to help sustain the order fulfillment of their 1.2 million sq ft facility, a 24/7 operation that employs over 2,000 people after a tragic incident forced the distribution center to close suddenly.

The stakes were high and the timeline was short for the supply chain solutions company to help the internet retailer get back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Having worked with Chicago Tag & Label in the past, they reached out to discuss how the Multiplex™ enclosed packing list solution could support their needs.

When the Engineering Team at a Fortune 500 third-party logistics company was presented with the customer challenge of resuming the fulfillment of over 16,000 shipments per day, they reached out to their trusted partner, Chicago Tag & Label, to investigate the Multiplex™ solution. The end-user shared concerns about their previous labeling process and that they were open to new solutions. The Chicago Tag team worked quickly to understand the end-user requirements, including:

• A shipping label and packing list applied to an
unopened box
• Ability to support high volume time-sensitive
daily shipments
• Increase order accuracy
• Increase efficiency
• Fast implementation

With customers anxiously awaiting their packages, there was no time to waste. From the first discovery call in December to the factory acceptance testing in April, the entire implementation process was completed in a matter of months.

The steps of the implementation process included:
• Discovery call
• Label proofs
• Label samples
• Printer installation and testing
• Go live

The solution featured a 2-part Multiplex™ label containing the shipping label and packing list with static pre-printed information on the back, which met the retailer’s requirements of including the necessary shipping documents without opening the box. The manually applied labels were printed on existing retrofitted Zebra printers, making the investment minimal and implementation fast. To retrofit the printers, a simple Multiplex™ tray was installed to easily remove the dispensed labels by hand. As a result of the Multiplex™ solution, we were able to help our client achieve a 99.9% accuracy rating, which supported this high volume time-sensitive operation. By implementing the Multiplex™ solution they were able to:

  • Increase efficiency — Reduced steps in the fulfillment process and eliminated the need to match the shipping label and packing list.
  • Increase throughput— Achieved 16,200 shipments per day.
  • Eliminate errors— 99.9% accuracy was achieved by printing critical shipping documents simultaneously.
  • Get up and running quickly and efficiently— 5-month implementation from start to finish.

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