Chicago Tag Helps Leading Toy Retailer Combat Supply Chain Disruptions

September 26, 2022

An American toy, clothing, and baby product retailer was looking for a new supplier to manufacture their integrated shipping forms, which contained their packing list and shipping label. With shipping volumes of over ten million a year, the requirements included significant cost savings and an extremely high-quality product. After going head-to-head with two other leading label manufacturers, Chicago Tag was able to present a solution that gave the leading toy manufacturer peace of mind going into their peak season.

The children’s toy and clothing retailer was experiencing significant delays and quality control issues with its current supplier of integrated shipping forms. After evaluating three potential suppliers, they decided to award CTL with the opportunity to provide a test run. Peak season was quickly approaching, so it was crucial to prove our quality and delivery capabilities in a timely fashion.

Within one day, the Chicago Tag team of experts was on-site to analyze their operating environment and better understand their business. Key information and necessary details such as types of printers, warehouse humidity, and collate functionality were analyzed prior to manufacturing the test run.

The test run was manufactured and delivered within 1 week, samples were analyzed and approved by Lexmark shortly thereafter and a full manufacturing run of 10,000,000 forms was produced and shipped within 15 days.

The toy retailer selected Chicago Tag & Label as its collate supplier because of the combination of cost savings, quick lead times, and attention to detail on this critical shipping document. Not only did the client meet their budget goals for the year, but they were able to get through peak season with peace of mind knowing the collate form would not slow down throughput.

As a result of the integrated form solution, we were able to help our client significantly reduce costs and lead times, compared to their previous supplier, while delivering a high-quality consistent product. We implemented the solution which enabled the distribution company to achieve:

• Reduced overall shipping costs: Over $250,000 in Annual Cost Savings. Including reduction in freight costs due to CTL’s centrally located manufacturing facility
• Reduction in lead time: From 5 weeks to 2 weeks
• Improved design: CTL’s suggested changes in copy design prevented future user error when feeding the collates through the laser printers
• Improved Customer Service: A dedicated supplier providing full attention to the most critical item in their supply chain

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