Manufacturing Tags

Smart Labeling Improves Your Operation
Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing tags
Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing tags

Custom-Made Tags

As manufacturers put a greater emphasis on efficiency, proper tagging becomes more important than ever. Smart tagging helps streamline processes and better organize inventory. Chicago Tag & Label produces high-quality, custom-made tags for many manufacturing purposes, including inventory, work-in-process, inspections and quality control, material management, warranties and many others. We also make tags and labels that withstand the environments in which they need to survive.

One of our specialties is creating lockout tags for manufacturing, products made to help safeguard your employees and business. These tags are all-important for identifying hazards, reminding workers to secure equipment and ensuring you comply with lockout safety procedures. Prevent injuries and avoid fines and penalties. Lockout tags are crucial in manufacturing settings.

We do not stock any tags - all tags are custom-made to your requirements. Choose your size, corner style, material, colors, variable and static printed images, and the information you want preprinted on your tags, including logos, barcodes and sequential numbering. Additional product options include holes and reinforcements, attachments, special finishes and printing methods.

Manufacturing Tag Basics

Manufacturing tags are made from a variety of materials and produced in continuous and die-cut sheeted formats, depending on the application. At Chicago Tag & Label, we customize your manufacturing tag based on your specifications. Key offerings include:

  • Printed variable images, such as interchangeable logos
  • Printed static images
  • Barcodes printed directly onto the tag
  • Multiple stocks, including thermal transfer, Tyvek®, V-Max and HDPE
  • Synthetic options, including DuPont, Avery, Fasson and Charter Films

Chicago Tag & Label works closely with you to determine the best type of tag for your needs. Different options are better suited for different applications, and we help you make the right choice.

Custom Manufacturing Tag Benefits

Manufacturing tags improve operations and ultimately boost the bottom line. Additional benefits include:

  • Convenience and ease of use - with options such as variable image printing, creating multiple versions is a snap
  • Custom manufacturing tags make tracking individual items easier
  • The ability to easily sort, store and locate items quickly increases efficiency
  • Smart labeling identifies and reduces risks, making the workplace safer
  • Due to our press sizes, our tag minimum is 20,000

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  • Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing tags
  • Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing tags