Manufacturing Labels

Custom Labels for Industrial Uses
Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing labels
Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing labels

Why Custom Manufacturing Labels?

Custom labels play a vital role in your manufacturing process. Our labels for manufacturing are ideal for many applications, including:

  • Ensuring that all labeled parts and materials are easily located so you can find them when you need them
  • Protecting the critical information on your equipment labels
  • Ensuring that parts and/or products are sent to the right location, such as your shipping dock or customer pickup department
  • Meeting safety and other requirements by adding serial numbers, barcodes, mandatory wording, and customized storage and handling instructions
Chicago Tag & Label Capabilities

Chicago Tag & Label is the custom industrial labels manufacturer that has a long history of creating labels to your exact specifications. We design, print and manufacture custom labels for industrial applications, up to 18" in width by 24" in length.

We customize manufacturing labels with features that meet your unique needs, including UL labels, alternating labels, piggy-back labels, special adhesives, pattern adhesives, difficult die-cut waste-removed applications, multiple-part forms and label-form combinations. We can also utilize thermal transfer, direct thermal, Tyvek®, and durable appliance labels from 3M, Flexcon, Fasson and more.

  • Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing labels
  • Chicago Tag and Label manufacturing labels

Our full range of production labels are made to withstand the most challenging conditions, making them ideal for your applications. We have the expertise and capability to create labeling that is abrasion- and chemical-resistant, remaining legible and intact even when subjected to harsh treatment. We also can provide labels that are suitable for long-term usage outdoors as well as indoors. They maintain sharp imaging even after prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, resulting in the highest levels of performance found anywhere in the marketplace. Whether they are used for barcoding in your warehouse or as shipping labels, our products have what it takes to suit your needs.


Our die cut labels use precision technology to create customized shapes to your specifications. This means no matter what type of shape or size you need for your exact purposes, we have the ability to deliver it for you.

If you require UL labels to contain critical details such as care marks, date of manufacture and part numbers, we also have you covered. Our capabilities include creating labeling that meets UL standards to sell your products in North American markets.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Leading the industry of thermal transfer labels manufacturers today, Chicago Tag & Label has the advanced technologies for thermal transfer applications to meet your demands. We provide thermal transfer labels with multiple options to best serve your application, including custom sizes, die cut labels and flood coating. A wide range of high-quality ribbons is also available, and we help you determine the proper ribbon for your specific thermal transfer label. You won't find a more thorough custom thermal label company in the industry!

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