Custom Shipping Label Forms & Tags

Making Shipping Easier and More Accurate
Chicago Tag and Label custom preprinted forms
Chicago Tag and Label custom preprinted forms

Custom Preprinted or Blank Forms

Are you in the market for better packing listsshipping labels, invoices, pick tickets or other forms related to the way you send products? Chicago Tag & Label specializes in creating blank, custom shipping, labels and forms, as well as preprinted forms that improve brand visibility on every order you ship. To maximize efficiency for your operations, our fully customized shipping forms can be preprinted with your company logo, core information, return information and shipping label — all in one place. Choose from a wide variety of standard and custom dies, materials and adhesives to accommodate your specific layouts and applications.

When you place your order, let us know if you are hand-applying or auto-applying your labels, shipping full boxes or if you have any other requirements. We provide a range of options to meet all your needs, whether you work in the e-commerce, fulfillment, manufacturing, retail, transportation or warehousing and distribution industries.

Integrated Form Labels

Chicago Tag & Label specializes in form-label combinations that consolidate multiple tasks into one, streamlining the shipping process. For example, we can create a custom shipping form-and-label combination that speeds your packing & shipping process and improves accuracy at the same time. We preprint your core information, logo and return information on our integrated shipping labels and forms, so all you need to add is your customer's variable data when you process new orders. The result is a faster, easier and more accurate process overall.


Our customizable shipping information forms offer several key benefits for the businesses that use them, including:

  • Efficiency — Any business that regularly sends products can benefit from a smoother, more streamlined system. Custom shipping forms speed up your shipping process, saving you both time and money.
  • Convenience — Custom shipping label forms are easier and faster to use because they eliminate the need to match up a shipping label and packing list. A large part of the necessary information is already preprinted, leaving you to simply add the customer’s name and destination.
  • Order accuracy — Combining a shipping label and packing list on one sheet eliminates matching errors.
  • Brand reinforcement — Because shipping address forms can feature your business name and logo, they’re another opportunity to reinforce your brand with clarity and consistency. Everyone who receives a package from your company also gets a reminder of who you are and what you do.
  • Durability — When you purchase shipping forms from us, you don’t have to worry about them ripping, falling off or disintegrating. This is because they are made with special adhesives and high-quality materials that are abrasion, grease and chemical resistant. In other words, these forms provide the highest levels of performance, no matter the operational abuse or elements. Rest assured they’ll remain legible and intact for your operations and hold up to almost any conditions.


A recognized leader in the custom form and label industry, Chicago Tag & Label has been creating innovative printed solutions for customers for more than 70 years. We create all our products in house here in the U.S., price them competitively and give you exceptional service every step of the way. When you need custom shipping tags, integrated shipping labels or any other kind of shipping form, you can count on us to create them with quality, service and value.

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