Manually Applied

Simply Print, Fold Under and Apply

MultiPlex™ 101 Manually Applied Enclosed Packing List

This shipping label/packing list product is as easy as 1, 2+, 3!

  1. Print the MultiPlex™ 2+ shipping label and packing list.
  2. The packing list is dispensed directly onto the MultiPlex™ 101 tray, then the shipping label is dispensed directly on top of the packing list.
  3. Simply remove the MultiPlex™ 2+ form from the tray and place it on the carton.

Our MutliPlex™ 101 tray is compatible with thermal transfer printers that have a rewind/peel option.

MultiPlex™ 2+

This shipping label and concealed packing list product provides:

  • Two variable print locations
  • Static printing available on the front of the shipping label and packing list as well as on back of the enclosed packing list
  • The second label can also be a return label — manufactured with adhesive on the back, so all the customer has to do is peel off the shipping label and it’s ready to return
  • The MultiPlex™ 2+ comes in custom and standard sizes including a 4 x 6 version

MultiPlex™ 3+

This shipping label, concealed packing list and return label provides:

  • Three variable print locations
  • Static printing available on the front of the shipping label, return label and third layer, as well as on the back of the packing list; the middle sheet can be used for a return label, gift card or an additional packing list
  • The third layer can also be a return label — manufactured with full adhesive on the back so it sticks securely to the carton for return shipping
MultiPlex™ Fold Under Manually Applied

With the MultiPlex™ Fold Under, the manually applied enclosed packing list and shipping label is printed onto one continuous label in a single pass, so you don't need to match up a packing list with a shipping label, reducing errors and preventing incorrect shipments.

The Fold Under is variable-printed and dispensed on the liner through a thermal transfer printer. After printing, simply peel off the liner, fold the packing list under the shipping label and apply the entire product to the carton. This eliminates the need for plastic packing-list pouches and requires less labor than folding and inserting a packing list into a pouch or envelope. Labels can be made from direct thermal or thermal transfer material.

You can also use the Fold Under as a pick list in your warehouse. Print, pick the item from the packing list, fold the packing list under the shipping label, and place on the box.

Chicago Tag & Label can preprint static company information on the edges of the shipping label, on the front face of the packing list and on the back of the MultiPlex™ 101 Packing List. Or, if you prefer, we also manufacture blank labels.

If you need assistance in formatting your print layout, we recommend NiceLabel® Software.

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