E-commerce / Fulfillment

Fulfilling Your Need for Quality Forms and Labels

Marketing Through Labels and Forms

Chicago Tag & Label has a long history of helping companies streamline their inventory and shipping processes, so it wasn't much of a stretch when we expanded our business to include e-commerce/fulfillment customers. We manufacture the highest-quality, custom integrated form-label combinations, enclosed packing lists, and shipping and return labels.

Our labels and forms are custom-made to meet your needs, plus we can print your logo, company information, special offers or whatever else you wish on your products. That means that every time your customers receive a package from your company, you have an opportunity to communicate your branding, build loyalty and boost the chance that they’ll purchase from you again. 

Customization allows you to:

  • Communicate your marketing message
  • Provide coupons or other buying incentives
  • Connect customers to your social media sites
  • Recommend related products based on past purchases
  • Cross-sell with sister companies
  • Facilitate product returns

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