Multiplex™ Helps a Distribution Company Get More Out the Door, Just in Time for Peak Season

September 09, 2022

A Midwest company specializing in providing distribution services to the catalog retail industry was looking to keep up with the demands of their growing customers and needed to find new ways to improve their shipping process. With shipping volumes of over one million packages per year, they were under pressure to implement a solution before the peak retail season. Chicago Tag & Label collaborated with Precision Automation to design a solution that would automate their labeling process, thus reducing labor, errors, and processing time.

The Chicago Tag & Label team worked closely with the customer to identify the areas of improvement as well as the requirements for the solution:
• Reduce order processing time
• Reduce labor costs

Our team of experts collaborated with the distribution company to take their shipping process from this:
• Print the packing list
• Pick from the packing list
• Print shipping label
• Fold packing list, place in pouch and hand apply to
the outside of the package
• Hand apply the shipping label

To this:
• Product is picked
• License plate barcode label is scanned
• Label applicator applies packing list and shipping label directly to the package

By implementing the Multiplex™ 2+ Auto Applied Shipping Label + Return Label, they could ship faster and more efficiently, with fewer errors. A return form is pre-printed on the back of the shipping label to make the returns process easier for their customers.

The Multiplex™ labels are automatically applied with two alternating label applicators, which are fitted with a 43-inch overhead tamp arm to accommodate a variety of box sizes and heights.

As a result of the Multiplex™ solution, we were able to help our client significantly reduce costs and processing time, just in time for peak season. We implemented the Multiplex™ solution, which enabled the distribution company to:
Reduced overall costs
• Yearly reduction in costs of $500,000+.

Improved customer experience
• We helped enhance the customer experience through an improved return process.

Reduce order processing time
• Overall reduction in the time to process 10 cartons.
• Previous process- 4 minutes.
• Multiplex™ Auto Applied process- 1 minute.

Reduce labor costs
• Reduced order processing during peak season with Multiplex™ labels.
• 13 fewer workers needed to ship orders.

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