Benefits Of Custom Warehouse Labels

December 15, 2014

Keeping your warehouse organized and operating efficiently is one of the keys to profitable operation. The process does not have to be complicated. In fact, using custom warehouse labels can solve a variety of problems and make everything from storage to shipment easier on everyone involved.

Inventory tracking

When inventory comes into your facility, the manufacturer's label may not have the type of information you need to track and organize the product. You can benefit from the start of your process by having custom labels available to place on merchandise when it is accepted in receiving.

When workers scan the labels, the data can be entered into your database to show how much material was received, when it was received and where it will be stored. The same labeling system can be customized to provide updates when materials are pulled for shipment. Pickers can use bar code scanning to ensure the right products and quantities are pulled, and your inventory database can be updated at the same time.


In addition to having scan labels on your merchandise, custom labels can be created for shelving and even flooring. Each product group can be included in the coding to make location in larger warehouses easier for both incoming products and pick lists. Instead of materials just being located on “rack number five,” the section and row number can be included.

Labels work on pallets and tote containers just as easily. The correct labeling system will reduce the time it takes for employees to find materials, and you can even create pick lists that list items by section. With this method, workers do not need to travel back and forth several times to complete an order. Everything from one section can be pulled in one trip and recorded before the worker moves to the next area.


When custom labels are used, your warehouse will have fewer errors with the wrong items, or quantities of items, pulled for shipment. Including date codes can be beneficial if you stock products that have expiration dates. You can ensure that the oldest inventory is moved before newer inventory is pulled. Your database will contain up-to-date information on quantities and you can create alerts for materials that require reordering.

End-of-year inventory procedures can be easier through verification processes. Bar code labels can be scanned and the quantity verified through simple confirmation on the code reader.

Other custom warehouse label options include security labels for inventory items that are prone to tampering. Merchandise being returned to your warehouse can be scanned before being accepted for a refund. Using custom labels will reduce the time required to prepare products for shipment and reduce wasteful errors. You have better control of your inventory, which will help you increase your profit margin.