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Seconds matter in the healthcare sector. That is why providers need to have pertinent information as quickly as possible. The AdCura™ healthcare label line from Chicago Tag & Label gives doctors and nurses vital data at a glance. The patient wristbands and labels better ensure greater accuracy and higher patient safety.

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The Benefits of AdCuraTM Healthcare Products

At Chicago Tag & Label, the AdCura™ healthcare product line consists of essential patient care products, custom labels and label-form applications for the medical industry.

Our patented ID band design provides superior comfort for the person receiving treatment, easy application for staff, and the tested durability you expect in a hospital environment. Chart labels and wristbands can be laser-printed on the same form, making them easier and more convenient for medical facilities to use. They are available in multiple sizes and formats to meet the specific needs of hospitals and clinics. Proper identification is imperative for an error-free work environment, and our products help you achieve this important goal.

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AdCura™ Patient ID Laser Wristbands

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