Multiplex™ Enclosed Packing List Solution increases fulfillment efficiency for major home goods retailer

September 29, 2023

Multiplex™ Enclosed Packing List Solution increases fulfillment efficiency for major home goods retailer.

A Chicago native, and top 100 retailer best-known for furniture, home decor, and cookware, sought solutions to streamline their e-commerce fulfillment. While planning their new 600,000-square-foot facility, they teamed up with industry-leading integrators to design a state-of-the-art distribution center that would not only optimize space but maximize output. The result was a 24/7 operation that processes nearly 13,500 shipments a day, over 5 million shipments a year, utilizing the Chicago Tag & Label Multiplex™ Enclosed Packing List Solution.

With nearly 50% of this home goods retailer’s sales online, their new, technologically advanced facility was built to support their fulfillment operations and help continue to provide great service and quality products for their customers. After partnering with a team of integrators, they reached out to Chicago Tag & Label to discuss possible labeling solutions. The Chicago Tag & Label team got to work quickly to understand their goals and requirements. The solution needed to reduce errors and the number of manual steps involved in the pack/ ship process. The critical documents included in the shipping process were comprised of a packing list, return instructions, gift message, and packing list.

Solution Requirements:
• Reduce errors
• Reduce manual steps in the fulfillment process
• Increase order fulfillment efficiency
• Combine 4 critical shipping documents

The solution was the Multiplex™ 3-part auto-applied label. In a 6”x8” format, the critical shipping documents were all enclosed under the shipping label. The solution featured multiple label applicators running simultaneously 24/7 applying the shipping label, gift message, and packing list, including return form and instructions, in-line automatically. In another area of the distribution center, the Multiplex™ labels were also hand-applied to large items that needed special handling.

The Multiplex™ solution offers the customer complete peace of mind. This turn-key solution features three Arca Liner Plus Print & Apply Labeling Systems, Chicago Tag & Label’s Multiplex™ Enclosed Packing List labels, as well as full service and support. As a result of the Multiplex™ solution, we were able to help our client significantly reduce steps and costs in their fulfillment process. We implemented the Multiplex™ solution, which enabled this retailer to:

  • Increase efficiency — Reduced steps in the fulfillment process and eliminated the need to match the shipping label, gift message, and packing list. Three label applicators process the packages quickly and efficiently.
  • Eliminate errors— Critical shipping documents are printed simultaneously, reducing all human error.
  • Improve customer experience— We helped enhance the customer experience through an improved unboxing and return process.
  • Reduce order processing time— Multiplex™ Auto Applied process- >1 minute.

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