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When you want to run a retail business as smoothly as possible, having the right retail tags can make all the difference. That’s because, whether you’re looking to catalog inventory or create custom price tags, retail pricing tags make it possible. In the world of retail, they’re as vital to store operations as anything else, providing a quick and easy way to communicate information, highlight sales, amplify your brand and more. With that in mind, at Chicago Tag & Label, we’re pleased to offer custom retail tags and labels as just one more way that we provide lasting solutions for businesses in the retail industry. All of our retail price tags are custom made-to-order to ensure we meet your exact demands. Standard sizes and multiple shapes are available.

The Purpose of Retail Tags

Whether you sell clothes or kitchen equipment, your retail establishment relies on tags. Here are just some of their common uses:

  • Catalog inventory. Go into any local grocery store and you’ll find bar-coded tags designating product ID numbers that can be scanned at checkout. In many retail industries, these custom retail labels are the best way to streamline checkouts and improve operations.
  • Mark items for layaway or alterations. Whenever you need to mark a product as defective, for layaway for a customer, as needing alterations or something else, a custom retail tag makes it easy.
  • Highlight sales. Putting sales tags on merchandise can make it stand out more to prospective buyers and increase your overall sales.
  • Amplify branding. When you want another way to reinforce your company messaging and brand, having custom-printed retail tags is a great option. Made to match your existing signage, colors and style, your company tags can make sure your branding gets communicated.

What Types of Companies Use Custom Retail Tags?

As their name suggests, retail tags serve all kinds of businesses in the retail industry, from grocery stores to greeting card shops. Likewise, these tags are helpful in e-commerce and manufacturing businesses, labeling products and designating inventory. Whether for a local drycleaners or a large online store, our retail price tags meet your demands!

Why Choose Chicago Tag & Label?

Backed by more than 70 years in the industry, Chicago Tag & Label is here to provide innovative printing solutions. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Competitive product pricing
  • Fast order production
  • Diverse range of printing capabilities
  • Customization capabilities
  • A high commitment to service



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