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It’s no surprise to anyone in the industry that pallets can take a beating. In the rough and tumble world of production and shipping pallets, you need pallet labels that can stand up to the rigors of moving and stacking in even the busiest warehouse environment. As a leader in industrial and commercial labeling products, Chicago Tag & Label distributes high-quality, durable warehouse pallet labels that will improve operations. We provide pallet labels to such industries as freight, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of pallet labels, the options available and why Chicago Tag & Label should be your one-stop shop for all labeling needs.

The Benefits of Quality Pallet Labels

Pallet labeling can make a huge difference in terms of efficiency — the higher the quality, the more you benefit. What are a few of the key benefits of Chicago Tag & Label pallet label products?

  • Sorting. With pallet labels, sorting items can be simplified. Employees can more easily move products.
  • Locating. Like sorting, labels can make it far easier to find products when you need them. Hunting for items without a labeling system in place can be a huge waste of time. Pallet labels allow you to quickly identify exactly what you need.
  • Informing. Pallet labels can contain crucial information about the load, including contents and dates.
  • Keeping safe. Safety is a top priority in production, shipping and warehousing. Pallet labels play an important role in keeping all materials handlers safe by putting crucial information in plain sight

Chicago Tag & Label products are of the highest quality. By working with the best of the best, you can expect to see huge benefits at your facility.

Customization Options

Not all pallet rack labels are the same. Smart pallet labeling depends on how informative it is — and that largely depends on your business’s unique needs. Our custom pallet labels are some of the best in the industry, with materials selected to survive indoor and outdoor elements, along with harsh environments. Each of our pallet rack labels is custom manufactured, so you can use them to clearly label products and track inventory within your operation and during shipping.

At Chicago Tag & Label, we work closely with you to ensure that the products we provide are perfectly suited for your applications.

What Chicago Tag & Label Can Do for You

Chicago Tag & Label is a leading producer and distributor of premium label products. Pallet labels are just one of our key offerings. We also manufacture a diverse range of customized form labels, labels and tags. We take pride in products that are made entirely in the United States.

Customers nationwide will attest to our commitment to quality. We also work closely with you to learn about your tag and labeling needs in order to customize the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.


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