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Chicago Tag and Label custom retail tags
Chicago Tag and Label custom retail tags

Custom-Made Tags

When you want your retail business to run as smoothly as possible, the right retail tags can make all the difference. In the world of retail, tags are vital to store operations, providing a quick and easy way to communicate information, highlight sales and pricing, amplify your brand and more.

Chicago Tag & Label is pleased to offer made-to-order custom retail tags and labels that meet your exact demands. We produce large-run retail tags only - our minimum order is 20,000 tags. We make custom price tags, barcode tags, inventory tags and merchandise return cards. Our tags are available in standard sizes and multiple shapes, and are made from paper and other durable materials. (Sorry, we do not make fabric clothing tags.)

Retail Tag Uses

Common uses include the following:

  • Barcoded tags for cataloging inventory and streamlining operations, offering product ID numbers that can be quickly scanned at checkout
  • Marking items for layaway, as defective or for any other purpose
  • Tagging merchandise to highlight items for sale, making them stand out to prospective buyers
  • Communicating and amplifying your branding and messaging with custom-printed retail tags
  • Chicago Tag and Label custom retail tags
  • Chicago Tag and Label custom retail tags
What Companies Use Retail Tags?

As their name suggests, retail tags serve all kinds of businesses in the retail industry, from grocery store barcode tags to retail clothing tags. Likewise, these tags are helpful in e-commerce and manufacturing businesses, labeling products and designating inventory. Whether you operate a local dry-cleaning establishment or a large online store, our price tags for retail meet your demands!

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