Custom Barcode Labels

Improve Business Operations with Create-Your-Own Barcode Labels


The beauty of custom barcode labels is that they can be created to your precise specifications — the size, shape, style and environmental features that work best for your business. Whether you want labels that can hold up to freezing temperatures or labels that reinforce your company’s branding, custom barcode labels are the answer. You have all kinds of possibilities available to you: labels embedded with your company logo, labels in the specific sizes that work for your products or labels that hold up in extreme conditions. Because there are so many good reasons to use custom barcode labels in your business, they’re worth considering for any industry or operation. And when you want the best in custom barcode products, Chicago Tag & Label is here to help.


While a stock barcode may enhance business efficiency, custom barcode labels give you control over every aspect of the design, ensuring they’ll be the perfect fit for your company’s needs. Here are a few of the key benefits custom barcodes provide:

  • A better way to track inventory — Many industries involve challenging environments and conditions in which standards labels aren’t adequate. When you want a better way to monitor your inventory and access real-time data that’s relevant to your business, custom barcode labels are the optimal choice. When you create your own barcode labels to your unique specifications, you’ll always have a handle on your company’s operations and can use that information to guide your business decisions.
  • Tailored to your business — Add pricing information, data about a product’s place in the supply chain, branding information or any other important details. Custom inventory labels are fully customizable to your business, so you can get exactly the labeling solution you need.
  • Better business accuracy — Barcoding cuts out the possibility of human error in inputting data. With custom barcoding, you have an automated, streamlined and error-resistant means of tracking products and managing materials.
  • Enhanced durability — A custom barcode label also gives you the opportunity to choose the size and material, such as heat-resistant or hazard-resistant, that is best suited to the demands of your environment or application.

Backed by more than 70 years of printing experience, Chicago Tag & Label is proud to be the leading resource for custom inventory labels and custom barcode labels. Our extensive capabilities and broad expertise make us the company of choice for countless industries. Trust us for high-quality, efficient solutions that are priced competitively and customized to your needs. Reach out to our team to learn more about what we offer and how it can improve your business processes. We are ready and waiting to serve you — ask us about a free quote on your project.

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