Continuous Forms

Streamlining Manufacturing
Chicago Tag and Label continuous form labels
Chicago Tag and Label continuous form labels

Custom Forms to Your Specifications

Do you need a better way to manage inventory at your manufacturing facility? Are you looking for forms to help you track product stock or commercial equipment? No matter what your industry — from food service to software — Chicago Tag & Label has the experience and capability to develop a custom continuous form to meet your specific application. Our continuous form labels can be preprinted with static copy or specific product information, and typically come to you either fan-folded or on a roll. Continuous-form products often contain multiple substrates or materials, such as label and card stock, on the same form. Their maximum width is 18 inches, and you can choose up to 12 colors. Talk to our team about your specific needs, and let us provide continuous form printing tailored to your requirements.

Twin-Ply Forms

Twin-ply forms allow you to combine two materials into one, saving both time and money in the process. That’s because Chicago Tag & Label is in the business of making life easier for our customers through innovation and customization. Our twin-ply forms make it easy for you to join two substrates to create the optimal combination of continuous-form paper and/or other materials to meet your needs.


Whether you’re tracking business assets or inventory, continuous forms are key for helping operations run smoothly. To demonstrate that further, here are a few key benefits of these products:

  • Cost savings — Typically cheaper to print than the alternatives, continuous forms give you a low-budget way to create reliable business forms.
  • Convenience — Custom continuous forms tend to be easy to use, even in more demanding environments.
  • Sustainability — Because these forms give off no toner emissions, they are a more sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

When you’re looking for professionally manufactured, custom continuous business forms, Chicago Tag & Label is your No. 1 choice. Let our experts design and print innovative solutions that work for your business.


Choosing Chicago Tag & Label means working with a continuous form printing company that has more than 70 years of experience in the industry. Our products are made in the U.S., competitively priced and backed by the exceptional service that has come to define our brand. While we create a variety of innovative print solutions, the custom continuous form is one of our specialties. Talk to us about creating tailor-made forms that suit your specific applications and needs. You can ask for a complimentary estimate anytime.

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