Continuous Forms

Streamlining Manufacturing

Custom Forms to Your Specifications

No matter what your industry, Chicago Tag & Label has the experience and capabilities to develop the right custom continuous forms to meet your specific applications. Forms can be preprinted with static copy or product information, and are typically fan-folded or on a roll. Continuous-form products often contain multiple substrates or materials such as label and card stock on the same form. Maximum width is 18", and you can choose up to 12 colors.

Twin-Ply Forms

Twin-ply forms allow you to combine two materials into one, saving time and money. Chicago Tag & Label is in the business of making life easier for our customers through innovation and customization. We make it easy for you to join two substrates to create the optimal combination of continuous-form paper and/or other materials for your needs..

Tri-Ply Forms

Streamline your work form with a sophisticated solution that joins three materials into one form. Chicago Tag & Label combines quality and versatility to create a product that solves your complex needs with simplicity. You can join multiple substrates, including continuous-form paper, to create any combination of materials that suits your requirements.

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