Custom Labeling Solution Streamlines Critical Shipping Documents for eCommerce Food Retailer

October 31, 2022

One of the largest independent restaurants and online retailers of USDA-Certified Angus Beef was looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of its shipping process. The solution requirements included increased efficiency and reduced shipping errors. Chicago Tag & Label collaborated with the client’s eCommerce software integrator to design a solution to streamline their shipping labeling process, thus reducing steps, errors, and processing time.

The Chicago Tag & Label team worked closely with the customer to identify the areas of improvement as well as the requirements for the solution:
• Reduce order processing time
• Reduce labor costs
• Reduced shipping errors
• Incorporate a gift message

Our team of label design experts collaborated with the meat retailer to take their shipping process from this:
• Print the packing list
• Pick from the packing list
• Print the gift message and shipping label to match the picked order
• Fold the packing list and gift message, place in the box and hand-apply to the outside of the package
• Hand-apply the shipping label

To this:
• Print the integrated form containing the packing list, gift message, and shipping label
• Products are picked
• Remove the perforated packing list and gift message and place them in the package
• Hand-apply the shipping label

By implementing the custom integrated form designed by Chicago Tag & Label, they could ship faster and more efficiently, with fewer errors. The solution featured:
• Pre-printed static logo and marketing information
• Custom 8.5" x 14" layout which contains the packing list, shipping label, gift message, and warehouse tag
• Perforated sections to easily remove packing list, gift message, and warehouse tag during the packing process
• Incorporated die-cut adhesive shipping label to allow for easy application, without the need for scissors, tape, or a shipping pouch
•Custom font used for dynamic gift message text

As a result, we were able to help our client significantly reduce costs and processing time. Benefits include:

Reduce order processing time and labor costs
• Overall reduction in the time to process shipments
• The Previous process required the client to print 3 separate documents- the packing list, gift message, and shipping label
• The new integrated form process combined the 3 documents into one, reducing labor and materials while reducing errors

Improved customer experience
• Chicago Tag & Label helped enhance the customer experience through an improved gift message integration

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