Upload Artwork

After your design is complete, please use our upload feature to submit your files.

  • We are a vector-based Adobe workflow. Creative Suite 6 and under.
    • Adobe In-Design
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustratop
  • Please remember to include all fonts and support files.
  • If you have a unique font and/or cannot supply a font, please have it “outlined” so it will appear as you wish. Unfortunately, we will not be able to edit a font once it is outlined.
  • If files are received as bitmaps (.tif, .jpeg, .bmp or .gif) please make sure the resolution is set to 300 ppi. This will ensure your image is scaled properly and will not appear fuzzy.
  • If files are below 300 ppi, (such as web art) these files may need to be redrawn and color separated. This process may incur additional costs, please contact your representative for details.
  • Please remember PDF files are only a suitcase for many different file formats. If you are submitting a PDF, the above information still pertains.

*To decrease your upload times, you must compress or zip your artwork before uploading.

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