Manufacturing Tags

Manufacturing Tags

As manufacturers put a greater emphasis on efficiency, proper labeling is more important than ever. Smart labeling can help streamline processes and better organize inventory. At Chicago Tag & Label, we specialize in tags to serve all industries. When it comes to tags for manufacturing, our options are comprehensive and of the highest quality. Below, learn more about manufacturing label tags and how Chicago Tag & Label can help you better organize your facility.

The Basics of Manufacturing Tags

Manufacturing tags are made from a variety of materials and produced in continuous, multi-part and die-cut sheeted formats, depending on the application. At Chicago Tag & Label, we will customize your lean manufacturing tag based on your specifications. Some of our key manufacturing tag offerings include:

-   Printed variable images, such as interchangeable logos

-   Printed static images

-   Barcodes printed directly onto the tag

-   Multiple cardstocks, including thermal transfer, Tyvek, V-Max, HDPE

-   Synthetic options, including DuPont, Avery, Fasson and Charter Films

Chicago Tag & Label will work closely with your team to determine the best type of label for you. Different options are better suited for different applications, and we can help you make the right choice.

Benefits of Quality Custom Manufacturing Tags

Manufacturing tags are popular for countless reasons — notably that they improve operations and ultimately boost the bottom line. Here are just a few reasons customers keep coming back to Chicago Tag & Label:

-   Convenience. Manufacturing tags are incredibly easy to use, and with options like variable image printing, creating multiple versions are a snap.

-   Efficiency. In terms of storage, manufacturing labels can increase your efficiency by quite a bit. You can more easily sort, store and locate items within a warehouse, for example.

-   Tracking. For manufacturing facilities and warehouses alike, custom manufacturing tags give you a much easier way to track individual items.

-   Safety. Worker safety is a top priority, and smart labeling can significantly reduce risk. Labels can quickly identify risks, such as dangerous chemicals and operations.

Chicago Tag & Label understands the nuances of manufacturing and warehousing, and we can help you determine the best label option, regardless of your application.

How Chicago Tag & Label Can Serve You

At Chicago Tag & Label, we know the ins and outs of commercial labeling demands. Manufacturing and warehousing are among the biggest beneficiaries of smart labeling, and we work hard to make sure our customers get exactly what they need. We work closely with you from start to finish in order to understand your requirements and to identify and analyze your current product and process. From there, we communicate the best design options to meet your conditions.

Chicago Tag & Label manufactures a diverse range of customized form labels, standard labels and tags. We focus on value, service and high-quality products. Our team is standing by to help you identify smart solutions, so contact us today.

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