Dry Cleaning Tags

When you are managing the flow of dry cleaning throughout your operation, organization is everything. In order to properly identify which items belong to which customers, you need clear, reliable dry cleaning barcode tags that can hold up to the heat, steam, chemicals and heavy handling that are a normal part of the dry cleaning process. That’s why you need dry cleaning tags from Chicago Tag & Label.

Benefits of a Custom Dry Cleaning Tag

With a durable, customized, numbered dry cleaning tag, you have a way to specifically mark and manage the laundry that goes through your operations. The number on the tag becomes a key source of information — so you can know when an item was dropped off, what it goes with, who brought it in, and the customer’s contact info. What’s more, a good dry cleaning paper tag can make it possible to communicate important information about a garment that needs special attention, so you protect it against accidental damage.

A Dry Cleaning Paper Tag That Withstands Heavy Use

Nobody has to tell you that the degradation of dry cleaning barcode tags can be a major issue in this industry. Water, soaps and harsh chemicals are all easily able to come into contact with a dry cleaning tag, compromising it and causing you to lose track of it in the process. The problem is, when you lose track of your inventory, you ultimately end up with unhappy customers. When you have unhappy customers, you threaten your business’ success. That’s why Chicago Tag & Label is proud to offer custom dry cleaning tags that are made from a durable material. Our tags are specially made to withstand harsh chemicals as well as waterproof ink. This helps you provide valuable information in order to protect your customers’ clothing.

Custom Dye Cuts and Printing

As part of our mission to offer the finest dry cleaning tags in the industry, Chicago Tag & Label offers custom die cuts and printing. Simply provide us with your specifications, and we will meet your needs. With custom tags, you gain even more control over your business operations, while also distinguishing your business with additional value.

Tags From Chicago Tag & Label

Chicago Tag & Label stands out today as one of America’s leading tag manufacturers. We custom-design tags for many purposes, such as to withstand harsh environments like dry cleaning facilities. Not only are our products durable and resilient, but also they are innovative, featuring quality designs. To learn more about the tags we offer, talk to us about your needs. Backed by more than 67 years in the industry, Chicago Tag & Label is pleased to offer a wide range of business, commercial, retail, industrial and consumer-based solutions to clients like you.


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