Custom Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper-Proof Labels to Ensure a Package Is Fresh and Safe

Labels can do more than tell you what’s inside a container — they also can show you if the container has been opened or tampered with in any way. Tamper evident labels from Chicago Tag & Label can be used to indicate whether a container or access point has been tampered with by clearly indicating that the seal has been broken. These labels cannot be removed without leaving a marking that indicates it has been broken or removed.

For example, they can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to assure patients that their medications have not been tampered with before they take them. Tamper evident seals also can be used in the warehousing and distribution sector as a way to ensure that certain containers or access points are not opened between destinations to ensure freshness and safety.

Complete Capabilities for Tamper-Proof Stickers and Labels

Thanks to our extensive capabilities for creating customized labels, Chicago Tag & Label is ready and willing to create tamper-proof stickers and labels that can fit any size package or product. We have the manufacturing and printing capacity to create tamper evident labels in any size customers require, and we can manufacture them to withstand many environments and conditions.

Whether you need labels to protect frozen foods that will be refrigerated in transit or products that will be stored outdoors, Chicago Tag & Label can produce tamper evident seals and labels that will remain in place and display evidence of any tampering — no matter what the conditions.

Chicago Tag & Label, The Trusted Source

The use of tamper evident labels is a necessity in many industries, and customers across multiple sectors have trusted Chicago Tag & Label to provide them with seals and labels that help them protect their products and their customers. Our expertise and problem-solving acumen can help determine the exact type of label or seal that will provide the best possible outcome for virtually any situation where tamper evident labels are required. If you need tamper evident labels to help protect your products or customers, you can count on our experience and expertise.

Contact Chicago Tag & Label today to learn how we can help you with the size and messaging of your tamper evident labels. Your tamper evident labels need to work well in every aspect of their design and production, and Chicago Tag & Label is here to help you.

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Industries Used:
Healthcare, Pharmacy, Retail, Transportation, Warehouse & Distribution

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