Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels are labels that sit one on top of the other, with one that stays put while the top label is peel able and can be reapplied. There are many novel and ingenious uses for the piggyback label, but to understand the potential you’ll want to explore the basic concepts. These include “nested” piggyback labels in which the top label is smaller than the bottom label, making them easy to remove and use. There are also flush cut piggyback labels in which both the top and bottom label are the same size. Finally flush cut labels with a tab make it easier to peel the top label. The various options are used for different purposes, yet each one can be decorative and encourages marketing response or mailing. They are also used with financial and tax returns, legal communications, product notifications and other promotions. Whatever your purpose, Chicago Tag and Label can turn your custom piggyback label project into reality.

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Industries Used:
Manufacturing, Freight, Transportation, Warehouse & Distribution

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