Die Cut Labels

Die-Cut Labels

Coming up with an eye-catching design or logo for your labels is only half the battle. Having a custom die-cut shape for your labels can make them stand out even more, giving your product some added visual appeal and helping strengthen your brand. The visual identity of your products is a crucial element of your strategy to reach customers, and Chicago Tag & Label can help you define that identity with die-cut stickers that give your products and packaging a unique look.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, how your products look matters to customers, and having labels that aren’t just the standard shapes is a simple but powerful way to give your brand a look that sticks out. Chicago Tag & Label has been in the business of providing high-quality custom label solutions for more than 70 years, and we can do it for you.

Why Die-Cut?

Unlike standard-shaped labels that generally are square, rectangular or round, die-cut labels are cut to conform to the shape of the artwork for the label. Rather than having your logo sitting in the center of a rectangular or circular label, your logo shape becomes the label shape, giving you a unique shaped label that pops on the packaging and draws the customers’ eyes to it.

Whether your company is in manufacturing, retail, pharmacy, e-commerce, freight or fulfillment, custom die-cut labels can be a great way to help your products or packaging look their best. Die-cut adhesive stickers also can be powerful promotional tools for service providers because of their unique shapes. Adding custom die-cut labels to your marketing materials can provide a big boost to your customer outreach and help create a strong visual connection between your brand and your services.

Chicago Tag & Label: The Industry Leader

As the area’s leading die-cut label supplier, Chicago Tag & Label has the capability to create die-cut labels and stickers for virtually any need you may have. Since 1946, we have stepped up for our customers with the best service and value, thanks to our innovative options for custom tag and label products. With our modern printing capabilities, we specialize in difficult and unique laser die-cut labels, with wasted materials kept to a minimum to provide the greatest value to our customers. No matter what you need them for, contact Chicago Tag & Label today to get started on creating die-cut labels that will carry your brand to new heights.

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