Custom Integrated Labels

Create the Integrated Labels Your Company Needs

Chicago Tag & Label provides the integrated labels your company needs to make shipping smoother and more seamless overall! Designed to improve shipping accuracy, costs and efficiency, self-adhesive integrated labels have truly become a staple for most catalog, e-commerce and e-retailers’ pick, pack and ship processing. Because each form contains one or more adhesive labels printed onto a sheet, it automatically allows your business to save time in the shipping process by picking, packing and shipping all from one place.

What’s more, able to be printed on laser or inkjet printers, each integrated label can also boost order accuracy because, by nature, it is made to keep shipment information with the shipping label right until a package is ready to be shipped, preventing accidental misplacements or errors.

Your Options with Integrated Form Labels

At Chicago Tag & Label, our wide variety of standard and custom dies, materials and adhesives provide many options to accommodate various layouts and applications. Some of the common sizes of cut sheets are: 8.5”x11”, 8.5” x 14” and 8.5” x 17.” What’s more, both blank or pre-printed forms are available, and the placement of the labels can be customized to your needs as desired. When you purchase form labels from Chicago Tag & Label, you get labels catered to you.

Common Ways to Use an Integrated Label

The convenience and simplicity of a custom integrated label has made it useful in a wide range of applications, from shipping labels to bar code labels for tracking. These form labels can serve as:

  • Packing slips
  • Invoices
  • Customized labels with company logos
  • Branded gift cards and more

Today, they are commonly used to categorize products or parts by businesses in the e-commerce, healthcare, retail distribution and fulfillment industries, among others. These labels ensure the proper products are being shipped, packed and stored correctly.

Benefits of Using Integrated Labels

There are a lot of advantages you can expect from implementing integrated form labels and sheets into your business process. Because they can be invoices, delivery notes and return labels all in one, they streamline processes and help you save time. What’s more, here are some of the key benefits of integrated labels worth considering:

  • Shorter order-processing time
  • Better order shipment accuracy
  • Improved labor efficiency
  • Significant cost savings
  • Better marketing visibility on each order

Why come to Chicago Tag & Label?

Leader among integrated label manufacturers, Chicago Tag & Label is proud to be your top resource for integrated document and label products. With our products, we can save you significant costs by pre-printing the core information, logos and return information on the front and back of the forms to match your print layout. Preprinted forms help you improve marketing visibility on each and every order you ship, letting you focus on the customer’s variable data, internal order data, outbound shipping label and return-shipping label information. When you’re looking for innovative print solutions for your business, come to us!


Industries Used:
E-Commerce, Fulfillment, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Retail, Warehouse & Distribution

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